Scriptural Meditation and Understanding

Brother Jim’s understandings of Holy Scripture are brought about by the following process:

  1. Looking at the verse of Holy Scripture in the King James Bible
  2. Gathering the definitions of the Hebrew, Chaldean, and Greek words used in the text from the Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries and placing them immediately after the words of Holy Scripture to get a flow of the words and ideas presented by the Sriptural text
  3. Looking up any English words in the English text or definitions from the Strong’s in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary in order to get an understanding of the meaning of the English words used as closely to the writing as possible
  4. Prayerful meditation upon the Holy Scripture and the definitions and meanings of the words used seeking revelation from Almighty GOD concerning His WORD through Holy Spirit

Brother Jim DOES NOT claim his understanding to be a replacement for the text of Holy Scripture. Nor does Brother Jim claim his understanding to be the only or best understanding of the WORD of GOD. This is only Brother Jim’s understanding of the Holy Scripture meant to be used for continued prayerful meditation to aide the reader in gaining more insight into the WORD of GOD so that the reader may grow in faith towards Almighty GOD and grow closer to Him; Holy Father, Holy Son (the WORD of GOD made flesh – our LORD Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

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