I Am James Stephen John Pappas. You can call me Jim, or Brother Jim if you like. I hold no title, no office, and no degree. What I do hold, and hold dearly, is the deep, burning desire to live in and according to the Way of the Kingdom of Almighty GOD; and to assist whosoever will embark upon this journey to successfully arrive and thrive in the Kingdom of our Holy GOD.

I was a sinner, but now I Am a saint, saved by the grace of Almighty GOD through faith in my LORD Jesus Christ. Every day I Am learning to be more yielded and obedient to the leading of Holy Spirit.

Do I still sin? Regrettably, yes. As John wrote by inspiration of Holy Spirit, if I say I am without sin I am a liar. Do not allow this to cause dismay, for I no longer embrace the way of sin, the way of this world, or the way of Satan – the god of this world. I Am a disciple of the Holy LORD Jesus Christ following His Holy Way. Though I may miss the mark, I repent and draw nearer to my Holy LORD, my Saviour.

To know me, you only need know I Am James Stephen John Pappas, or Brother Jim. When you know my name, the name given me by Almighty GOD through my parents and my choice at confirmation, you will know who Almighty GOD created me to be. I hope that in learning about me through my name you will be encouraged to discover who Almighty GOD created you to be through your name.

I Am James Stephen John Pappas. James – the Supplanter who grasps the heal, Stephen – Crowned One, John – Yahweh is gracious and merciful (full of grace and mercy), Pappas – Priest.

Why ‘I Am’ instead of ‘I am’? Because I AM1 created me, I Am, in His Image and His Likeness2, just as He did every person who ever existed or will exist on this planet. From the perspective of Almighty GOD, I Am created to be a living, breathing reminder of His Existence, His Love, His Truth, His Mercy, His Grace, His Provision, and all that HE IS to every creature that ever sees, hears, or encounters me. Regardless of what that creature is, and regardless of what nature that creature is; be it some animal, another human being (who was also created for the same general reason), or some spiritual entity be it heavenly angelic, or fallen angelic, or some hybrid of fallen angelic and some other creature (nephilim, etc.), or demonic.

James, the Supplanter who grasps the heal. A Supplanter: 1) Trips up the heels, 2) Removes or displaces by stratagem; or displaces and takes the place of, 3) Overthrows and undermines.

At first glance, one may think, “How is ‘James’ a good name? What redeeming qualities could such a name have?” The second question here is exactly the point. Though some names may seem to have a negative meaning or connotation, we must look at them, to coin a phrase from E.W. Kenyon, ‘In the Light of Our Redemption’. As one who is saved by grace through faith in the LORD Jesus Christ, I Am redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb of GOD. As one who has been redeemed, I Am no longer ‘of this world, but in it3‘, and as such am now an enemy of the current ‘god’ (ruler) of this world4; a god whose time is swiftly running out. As a child of the Living GOD, I Am growing (maturing) into a son5 learning to follow The Example of the Firstborn of many brethren6, the LORD Jesus Christ. It is my responsibility, as ‘James’ to firmly take hold of the heels of Satan, the Adversary, the Enemy of our souls, and sweep them out from under him thereby removing his ability to stand or remain in authority and power over peoples’ lives, starting with my own. I Am to do so in a wise manner and strategy by the leading of Holy Spirit so that Satan may not only be swept off his feet losing his ability to stand in power and authority, but also to displace him and replace him and his kingdom with the Kingdom of Almighty GOD and His Righteousness. I Am to undermine and overthrow the rule and reign of Satan, the lord of darkness, the ‘god’ of this world by wise application of the Truth of the WORD of GOD by the leading of Holy Spirit.

This is the meaning of ‘James’ in the Light of our Redemption. This does not only apply to myself, but to whosoever will believe upon the LORD Jesus Christ who has been named ‘James’. This is our calling. This is what we were created by Almighty GOD to do and to be.

Stephen, Crowned One. One who wears a crown is a king, and a king has authority and power over a domain or kingdom (king’s domain). The authority and power of the Crowned One depends upon who it was that had the authority to crown him. Who was it that gave the Crowned One the crown, and what domain was given to the Crowned One, and for what purpose. In Christ Jesus we are all made kings and priests unto the LORD. A crown is worn upon the head, and the head of every man and woman who is in the Kingdom of GOD is the LORD Jesus Christ, thus our Crown is the Way of GOD, the Truth of GOD, and the Life of GOD, for the LORD Jesus Christ IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life. To have such a name stating this would be to strengthen and emphasize this fact as a trait in particular. Coupled with my first name, this would indicate that as a Supplanter who grasps the heal, I am to replace the kingdom of darkness with the rule and reign, the authority and power of The Way, The Truth, and The Life WHO IS The LORD Jesus Christ WHO IS The Crown of Life. This is why the LORD Jesus Christ IS The King of kings and the LORD of lords. Created in His Image and Likeness, I Am (and we are) to reign in this life bringing to bear the Kingdom of GOD, with the will of GOD being done here on earth as it is in heaven.

John, Yahweh is gracious and merciful (full of grace and mercy). Though as a child I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition of faith, receiving the sacraments as a Roman Catholic would until I was born again at age 19 and Almighty GOD became fully my GOD, and not just the GOD of my father and mother, or of the religious tradition they practiced, but my GOD.

One of these sacraments was the sacrament of confirmation, wherein one is confirmed as a soldier of GOD. To many Protestants this may not mean much, or even seem spurious, however, to me as a child of about 11 years of age, it was a very important event. It was during this ceremony where I first believed I would someday become a true soldier of the LORD Jesus Christ, and that I would truly serve Him as a soldier of His. Not yet understanding the full importance of it, or knowing the meaning of the name, I chose the confirmation name ‘John’, Yahweh is gracious and merciful (full of grace and mercy).

As a Supplanter who is a Crowned One, the reign of the dominion assigned to me, once I have supplanted Satan and his kingdom of darkness and evil from it, should bring people influenced in that domain to the revelation that Yahweh IS full of Grace and Mercy. As one who is created in the image and likeness of Almighty GOD, it is my assigned privilege to be a continuous display of the grace and mercy of Almighty GOD; for this is the purpose for which I was crowned, to rule and reign in the grace and mercy of Almighty GOD.

Pappas, Priest. Finally, I Am also created to be a priest of and unto Almighty GOD. A priest is an intermediary between creation, particularly human kind, and Almighty GOD. It is the responsibility of the priest to go before Almighty GOD with offerings of peace, thanksgiving, praise, and worship; to spend quality time with and in the Presence of Almighty GOD. It is also the responsibility of a priest to present the offerings and sacrifices of others, and on behalf of others (as an intercessor) to Almighty GOD, of thanksgiving, praise, worship, peace offerings, and repentance. Furthermore, it is the duty of priests to teach whosoever will the Way of Almighty GOD, and to present His Holy WORD in truth, humility, and love; to whosoever will listen.

This IS who I Am. This IS who I Am created to be. This IS who I intend to fully become, by the grace and mercy of Almighty GOD my heavenly Father, in Christ Jesus my LORD, by His Holy Spirit.

May you also learn the meaning of your name, and who and what Almighty GOD our Creator has created you to be. You Are significant, and You Are important to Almighty GOD, and if you will, you have a place in His Kingdom that you were specifically created to fill; and only you can fill it.

Be most blessed by the Most High GOD Almighty.

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