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Commissioned by the Lord

A few months ago while traveling back from Florida to Tennessee on business, the Lord spoke to me in my spirit. It was not an audible voice, although it seemed to be because it was so clear in my thoughts. I was alone on this trip, but it seemed as though there was someone with me and there was a conversation going on between us while I was driving. He began by saying “I want to talk to you about the importance of family.” When I heard this the atmosphere immediately turned to a feeling of deep love and compassion. My eyes welled up with tears and I knew it was the Lord speaking to me. There were two things He impressed upon me, the family and a force, a force to be reckoned with. then I heard “unite the family. There is a spirit in the world today causing separation and division. Intimacy in the family is waning. Draw close to Me and to each other, for you are My family.” When I first heard this, I took it as Him meaning my personal family. I have seen how technology with all its social media has become the way people communicate. Personal relationships are a rare thing in this day and time. I continued to be still in my spirit and ponder on the things I had heard. the longer I thought the more I realized He was not only speaking to me of my personal family. He was talking about the entire family of God. For a long time there has been a separation in the Church through mans doctrines and theologies, and different denominational beliefs. This is not the will of our Father. The Word of God is clear about the importance of becoming one with Him and one with each other. If we will unite as one body under one authority or head (JESUS) we will be that force to be reckoned with !!! I now understand and know in my heart that the Lord has called and commissioned me to dedicate my time left here on this earth to be a yielded vessel for Him. Therefore, He has birthed this ministry ” Seeking The Kingdom of God “. Our purpose is not to start another church for people to attend, but only to offer them a kingdom in which to live. “THE KINGDOM OF GOD”

Praise be to Jesus!