You Have Received The Atonement Through Our LORD Jesus Christ

Dear Precious Child Of GOD, I encourage you to take joy in our LORD Jesus Christ, for it is by our LORD Jesus Christ that we—that you—have now received the atonement. Right now, in the present, you have the atonement through our LORD Jesus Christ. You were given that atonement when you were born again; when you believed in you heart that GOD raised LORD Jesus from the dead and confessed with your mouth the LORD Jesus Christ is LORD of your life.

Do you struggle, though you have made heartfelt confession of your sin, with thoughts and feelings of sinfulness and unworthiness? Satan, the enemy of your soul, would have you focused upon sinfulness and unworthiness, feeling as though you could never be who your Heavenly Father created you to be, but Satan is a liar. You have received the atonement through our LORD Jesus Christ, and you must focus your heart and your mind upon this truth.

The ‘atonement’ is ‘an exchange, a restoration to (Divine) favor’. Dear Child Of GOD, that sinfulness Satan continually attempts to beat you down with was exchanged for Righteousness in Christ Jesus your LORD. Your LORD Jesus Christ not only took your sin, but He became sin for you so that in His Death you would die to the world, and in His Resurrection you would receive His New Life. In receiving the LORD Jesus Christ as your LORD, you have (by the grace of GOD) received the exchange of His Righteousness for your sinfulness and the exchange of the death that is the product of that sinfulness for His LIFE; for our LORD Jesus Christ IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life. In Christ Jesus our LORD, you are now restored to the first estate, to the way Almighty GOD originally created you to be before the fall of Adam. You have been restored to the original state of creation as though sin had never been committed. You are new in Christ Jesus, clean, holy, and righteous in Him.

Rom 5:11 And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement.

Scripture is given in the King James Version, 1769.

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