Through LORD Jesus You Have The Forgiveness Of Sins

Dear Precious Child of GOD, He Whom GOD raised from the dead saw no corruption, for He lived the pure and holy life none of us could. This Man IS The One Who left His Throne in heaven to take on the form of man, the form of a slave of sin, lived the life we could not to become sin for us. This Man gave His Life for you. This Man came that you would have Life, and that you would have Life more abundantly. This Man is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. This Man came so that you would have forgiveness of all your sins. This Man IS The LORD Jesus Christ, The WORD Of GOD made flesh. No matter what you have done, no matter how evil and lost you feel, there is no sin, no evil great enough to withstand the Precious Blood He shed for you; no depth so great He will not reach down and gently lift you up to Himself. Repent of your sins, whatever they are, and He will wash them away, and wash you whiter than the whitest snow. Freely forgive, freely repent, and freely receive the forgiveness of The One Who IS LOVE.

Acts 13:37-38 But he, whom God raised again, saw no corruption. 38 Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: (KJV)(Emphasis Added)

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